Victoria Beckham Makeup Tip to make your eyes look

As a celebrity rail veteran, Victoria Beckham has worked with some of the best cosmetics specialises in the business for two decades – so unequivocally, she caught some pitfalls along the way. The fashion architect deepened her opinion on another video for Estée Lauder in which she separated her cosmetic routine from her two-minute eyes and discovered her trap to influence her eyes to look older.

Want to know how I create the ultimate sexy eye? Tune in tomorrow to learn more… x VB #VBxEsteeLauder

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To get her famous smoky eye, Beckham starts with the Eye Estée Lauder palette at Blanc, Noir, Gray and Bordeaux. In the wake of a dark and white shadow on her eyelid with her finger, the old daughter of the spice resumes the darkness and rubs it in her hand with a brush to develop shade.


Here is where your mystery enters: instead of passing a straight line under your eye with the brush, Beckham takes it then and completes the common curve under her eye. “Unlike a straight line, I think it’s good about the possibility that you have some diving,” Beckham said. “I guess it opens a lot more eyes.”


At ther time, Beckham takes a slightly larger brush and puts a shadow in the wrinkles of her eyes, clearing the dust towards the forehead bone. “It sounds exceptional, but does not close your eyes,” said Beckham.


To complete her look, Beckham ran the Estée Lauder Smudgy Matte Eyeliner in graphite under her eye before working with her finger. After touching every corner with Eye Kajal of the brand Black Saffron / Vanille with Sharpener, Beckham finished with the mascara Eye Ink in Blackest


Obviously, eyes like Victoria Beckham are not in bad shape. The “London Look” package he uses for the video costs £ 258, which is usually compared to $ 334. Her advice on how to influence her eyes to pop, anyway, Beckham gave 100 percent free.