The Fenty Beauty Galaxy Collection includes Magic Eyeliner.

With occasion accumulations falling every day now, our excellence schedules are going to be penetrated with spark. I’m not complaining, but everything starts to look identical when December moves. Leave it to Rihanna to excite me, though. He masked bright cosmetics in a seemingly relaxed metallic liquid liner.

As it should have been obvious, you will be able to select from three shade of the Fenty Beauty Glitter Release Eyeliner: Crater later (champagne with golden gleam), Nepturnt black with green glitter and Alien Bae (navy with blue sparkle ). My most beloved of the trio is Nepturnt. It’s the fun name to declare as well as because shimmery shadow helps me remember an emerald. It is brilliant. I can hardly wait to draw on the thick wings with him and the smoke from the edges. I never thought I’d be so eager to smile at my eyeliner, but here I am.


The Fenty Beauty Glitter Release Eyeliner will be available for $ 20 at limited offer starting Friday, October 13th.